Rather lengthy review I wrote for a website (and hopefully a physical publication at some point) that I’ve started.

Who knows, I may well expand it to an even lengthier and even more in-depth analysis at some point in the future (I keep hearing more things and coming up with more to say, it’s a nightmare).

If you’re lazy and want a rating, it’s either 11/10 or ?/10 (or both).

It’s twenty years to the day since the very talented Arthur Russell died. I’ve only really begun to explore his (fairly extensive, from what I can tell) discography, but he’s a fascinating character and worth looking into for anyone vaguely interested in electronic/disco/avant-garde/electric cello music.

I think the first thing I ever heard was this, on the incredibly excellent 'Sleepwalk' mix CD from Optimo (Espacio).

Meant to post this a while ago… Not for the faint of heart, but certainly interesting. I do rather enjoy Mr Self’s over-the-top verbosity, even it does often verge on prolix (and I’m sure for many it crosses that line), and I do have enduring grim fascination with drug abuse, albeit from a safe distance.

Enjoyable summary of what to investigate when looking into (pre/post)industrial music (although it does exclude my beloved Einstürzende Neubauten, and all that Some Bizzare [sic] stuff (Foetus, Soft Cell, Depeche Mode) in the 80s, and Current 93, all of which are probably quite important to the story) and its origins. Thankfully no mention of Rammstein or any of that bollocks - that is industrial rock (apparently…) and a very different kettle of fish, lightweight campy panto that most of it is.